Labelcraft USA is centrally located near the UPS world hub in Louisville, KY. We are a direct manufacturer of promotional labels for the food and baking industry. We have been in business for over 30 years, and we have served Bimbo Bakeries through it’s various acquisitions since the beginning. Our promotional labels are sold to the nations largest baking and snack food companies. We truly enjoy helping you reach your sales goals. You can rely on us to be your one stop supplier, for all of your sales related labels and needs.

As a direct sales manufacturer, the middleman is cut out and you get the savings. We love helping our customers sell more of their products, so our success is actually measured by your success.

We produce many  types of labels other than promotional such as Bar Code, Nutritional, and Ingredient labels, in order to accommodate any and all of your needs.  We are an authorized supplier of Garvey label guns and labels, at a  discounted price especially for Bimbo Bakeries. We are happy to be your one stop source for product promotion and general label needs!